Seminar Schedule:

In this Fall 2018 semester, the seminars will be scheduled on every Sunday 10:30 AM. The detail information TBA.


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No New-Net

Nov 4, 2019

Haocheng Dai

Poisson Vector Graphics (PVG)

Oct 28, 2019

Xiao Dong

Dynamic 3D Avatar Creation from Hand-held Video Input

Oct 21, 2019

Jinghui Guo

Large Pose 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression

Oct 14, 2019

Xi Han

Convolutional Invasion and Expansion Networks

Oct 7, 2019

Yeqi Wang

The Occlusion Spectrum for Volume Classification and Visualization

Sep 30, 2019

Thomas Stanley

Tumor Growth Prediction with Reaction-Diffusion and Hyperelastic Biomechanical Model by Physiological Data Fusion

Sep 23, 2019

Andrew Wilson

SMPL: A Skinned Multi-Person Linear Model

Sep 2, 2019

Zheheng Zhao

Content-Sensitive Supervoxels via Uniform Tessellations on Video Manifolds

Aug 26, 2019

Xiao Dong

Plane-Based Optimization of Geometry and Texture for RGB-D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes

Aug 19, 2019

Chao Wang

Fall 2018 Seminar Talks: