Early registration fees apply for all registrations received before or on March 15, 2016. Starting from March 16, 2016, Regular registration fees apply. Registration fees for GMP 2016 are in US Dollars (USD).

Conference fee Early registration (until March 15, 2016) Regular registration (from March 16, 2016)
1st attendee from an institution 450 USD 550 USD
Each additional attendee from the same institution 300 USD 400 USD

Registration Link

Registration link is The registration procedure is:
1) Click "GMP 2016 Registration" in the link;
2) Select the number of people who will register from your institution;
3) Fill in information for all attendees and select the planned attenance;
4) Confirm payment by credit card.
User can choose to check out directly without an account, or create an account before checking out on the website. The account on the website is ONLY for the payment.